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About the Application-

As said by Mike Murdock, “The Secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”. Everyone has (or wants) a routine. A routine in which they can give time to everything. But for large amount of people, it is not possible. There might be numerous reasons for that like, unusual work hours, addiction to games, social media etc. According to a research a bad routine result in bad health. It leads to obesity, stress and many more problems. BetterU will not be like other day planner applications it is smarter way of planning your day which will not only keep you updated for the meetings and homework but will also keep a track of your health. It will prepare a plan for your day (keeping in regard the time when you work), a plan in which there will be a time slot for every daily chores and physical activity. So, if used sincerely this application can change the way you work.

Target Customers-

Who does not want to be fit and healthy? BetterU application targets people from every age group. For students (school and college students) it is a best way to manage time for both academic and non-academic tasks because, physical activities have the same importance as academics. For adults it is a fantastic way to manage their work time and family time efficiently. Most of the employees are doing their work from home and there are days when they are unable to give time to their family or vice versa. For old age people, who have medicines to eat, BetterU reminds them to take medicine at right time. We have planned to collaborate with leading pathological labs, from which they can get their routine checkup done of which they would get the reminder too.

Market Demand-

The global fitness and reminder app market size is poised to grow by USD 1.68 billion during 2020–2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 12% throughout the forecast period, according to the latest report by Technavio. This application of ours has one key feature which other applications do not have i.e. it manages your time and health, which are the most important things in ones life. Thus, market of BetterU is going to grow in future.

Similar Products in Market-

Fitness apps like Nike Run Club, Google fit, reminder apps like To Do, Todoist and apps to care of health like Beurer Health Manager. These are some of the similar applications.

How BetterU is different from above mentioned applications?

1) Our application will single handidly manage work of all the three different type of application.

2) Some of the best features, in above mentioned applications are available only when you pay them extra i.e., when u subscribe to their premium memberships but, our application will provide some of the features at no cost.

3) Accuracy which BetterU will provide will not be provided by any of its competitors.

4) BetterU will be made with considering all the difficulties people face while following their timetable and keeping care of their health.

Knowledge and Expertise Required –


After spending a lot of time researching we gathered following information-

· 63% of teenagers admitted using smartphones for more than 7 hours a day.

· People aging 25+ struggled to balance their work life and family/love life, often leading them to be depressed or over worked.

· 56.25% of internet users do not have knowledge about cyber health.

· Average money spent on personal health (mental/physical) by individuals in 2019 was ~Rs.8,832 (120 USD).

We concluded that smartphones are affecting people’s routine. Due to which people are getting distracted for long time which is leads to laziness and mental illness.

Hardware Required to Access the Application–

The users can use the application on their smart phones, tablets, smart watches and PCs (access to internet is also required). However, on smart phone it will provide a better user experience because smart phones are more feasible than tablets and PCs (because of their compact size). One thing is assured that users will not be troubled by any bugs or glitches because, we provide weekly updates.

Software and knowledge required-

Hands-on experience with Python, Java, C++ and backend development is required. Basic knowledge about Android studio and IOS application development for developing smartphone application. As for Web application HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Proper knowledge about networking and cloud computing/security is required.


Initial setup of the application is as simple as 1–2–3. User would be asked to login through Google or Facebook account. Through this our AI/ML algorithms will pre-determine and analyze usage pattern of social handles such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. (Data collected is through user consent and will not be handed over to third party). Then user would be asked to input their physical attributes (age, height and weight). Lastly user would be asked to input their daily tasks (could be updated daily, weekly/bi-weekly), the application then calculates the best suited time for cooldown period. The app itself learns and adapts to your usage/working pattern, then application tackles mobile addiction with consensual temporary lockdown of application for determined time window by user. Based upon age, application changes its accessibility options, like for old age people BetterU would be like nurse which remind them to: take medicines, check blood pressure etc. The application would be designed in such a way that it could be paired with smart watches or other smart health monitoring devices.

Estimated Budget-

The estimated budget for our idea could be laid as follows-

· For purchasing domain name: $15/month

· Server maintenance cost: $10/month

· Publishing app on Google Play/ App Store: $25 (one time) + $99

Marketing Plan-

Application can be pitched through various events such as Hackathon, HackOff not only this but a small cut of our budget (2–3%) would be spent on advertising the application on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Content creators would be contacted to promote the app via showing the hands-on experience of the app. The application would be pitched to colleges for addition of the application in their ERPs.

Product Pricing-

After having 50,000 users we are planning to start our premium membership ($4/month i.e. Rs.200/month) which would bring in some more features like connecting with your friends to challenge them in weekly challenges, free gift cards every month etc. Until then our application will have almost all the features which our competitors provide in their free and paid versions.

Risk Analysis-

1) Entering in such a big market as a newly established company, getting a piece of the pie would be very hard, people usually like to follow the old and trusted brands rather than experimenting on some new brand.

2) In this world which changes and keep on moving forward every second, keeping up with what people exactly require can be very hard. What we deem necessary for the users might not be what they deem to be useful for themselves. Making sure that the app is constantly updated would be a very taxing task and would require a dedicated team for it. Even more making sure that the updates do not hamper any of the previous updates.

3) Even though the world is moving more towards virtual facilities, but even still things like virtual health are not very famous, and people would prefer real nutritionists/dietitians. Spending money on health online might not seem as tempting.

Even though there might seem to be many hurdles and a path filled with horns, but carefully treading on this path just might guide us to the rose atop this thorny branch. It is not the result that we should be focusing on, but the work we should put in.

Milestone and Timeline-

We are hoping to hold a good position in market in next Three years.

Briefly planning to how to execute our plans.

1) Sharing our idea to investors so, as to get some financial aid.

2) Hiring skilled software engineers who have expertise in AI, ML, Web/App Development and Data Security.

3) Development of Application and Website of our start-up idea.

4) Testing of Application and Website.

5) Launching of Application and Website.

Giving weekly/monthly updates to provide better user experience.

Sample Template of Our Plan-

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